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We bring actigraphy, the method for capturing medical-grade sleep data, within reach. See how.
Obtaining Actigraphy Sleep Report Using Garmin Wearable Devices and Labfront App
In a collaborative effort between Labfront and Garmin, an actigraphy-based sleep analysis report has been developed for Garmin’s consumer-grade wearable devices, accessible via the Labfront app. Comparative analyses against ...
Accessible High Quality Sleep Data

Research-grade standards at a fraction of the cost

With a $150 Garmin device, we've replicated over 95% accuracy of two top medical-grade actigraphy devices that can cost thousands. Now high-quality sleep data is available to more researchers in a variety of fields.

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Simplified Data Collection and Analysis

Streamline your process - from collection to analysis

No more wasted time with the hassle of complex setups. Our solution makes it easier to turn raw actigraphy data into meaningful insights. Get quick access to participant data with our user-friendly platform and use our detailed reports to identify trends and make informed decisions. From beginning to end, we help make your research process smoother and more efficient.

Expert Sleep/Wake Analysis

Transparent, customized data to fit your study requirements

We provide a clear, straightforward view of the methods used to measure sleep parameters, so you can adjust the detection processes for your study according to your needs.

Get access to two top methods with one solution:

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Movement energy (Sadeh)
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Movement frequency/zero-crossing (Cole-Kripke)
Data Analysis with data visualizationscharts and graphs

Maximize your research budget

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Based on an average research project with n=35 participants, Labfront with Garmin combo is 5-7x cheaper

Total cost for 35 participants
Labfront Advanced (inc. 20 participants)
Actigraphy Duo (inc. 20 participants)
Additional Participant Account x 15
($40*15) $600
Garmin vívosmart 5 x 35
($150 *35) $5,250
Actigraphy + other features
Leading Competitor 1
Total cost for 35 participants
($1200*35) $42,000
($530 *35) $18,550
Actigraphy only
Leading Competitor 2
Total cost for 35 participants
($995*35) $34,825
($950 *35) $33,250
Actigraphy only
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“Now, more than ever, we need tools like Labfront that can help researchers take their research and data collection virtual.”
Dr. Gloria Yeh
Dr. Gloria Yeh, MD
Associate Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School
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“The Labfront team was extremely responsive to our requests and made every effort to accommodate our unique needs.”
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Yogev Kivity, Ph.D.
Senior Lecturer of Psychology, Bar Ilan University
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"Labfront's analysts understood our needs as researchers and saved us weeks of work when they prepared our datasets for analysis."
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Management Department, Oklahoma State University
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“The physiological data really helped provide deeper insights.  We recommend Labfront and will definitely be using it again!”
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How it works


Choose an actigraphy-compatible device which best suits your research needs

Whether you need months of battery life or detailed interbeat interval to calculate heart rate variability, pick the best device to fit your study objectives and budget.

garmin devices compatible with actigraphy

Select “Actigraphy Data Collection” and other features

In addition to actigraphy data, you can choose from a wide selection of physiological data including activity, sleep, heart rate, and heart rate interval.

Customize your sampling rate for higher-resolution data. Every minute, every second.  It’s your choice.

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Invite participants to join your project and collect data

Add participants to your project by distributing a unique invite code generated in Labfront to each one.

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Participant Experience
participant experience with labfront
labfront participant experience

View collected data and track real-time adherence

Remotely view participants’ collected data and completed tasks to proactively address any compliance issues.

track real-time adherence imageadherence dashboard for meditation study

Export data in a single click for additional insights

Download your data in a CSV format that is easily importable into your favorite analysis tools, like MATLAB.

Export data imageCSV files

(Optional Add-on) Use savings to buy Labfront Analytics Services to get all your data analyzed for you.

Say goodbye to the hassles of finding, interviewing, hiring, and managing long-term contracts of experts and post-docs. Labfront’s top rated analytics on-demand packages are an on-demand data science team without the hassle.

Get ready to publish in no time.

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Labfront's analysts consistently go above and beyond with positivity, a sterling work ethic, and an ever-present willingness to assist, making our collaboration a genuine pleasure.

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Michelle Poirier, PhD
Research Scientist at Metamorphosis, LLC

Exploring actigraphy: Discoveries from our sleep tracking experiments

Most medical actigraphs don’t clearly explain their sleep metric calculations. Our series of experiments shows a Garmin wearable matches specialized devices in measuring sleep, highlighting actigraphy's pros and cons for sleep monitoring.

Frequently asked questions

We're here to help with any questions you have about actigraphy, Labfront, and our other supported features. Don't hesitate to contact us at

How do I get started with Labfront?
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We recommend creating a free account first to test out the features of the platform. You can create a project and invite participants to join in minutes. Check out the full guide on getting started in our Help Center.

What is actigraphy?
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Actigraphy is a method that uses a wrist-worn device to monitor and assess sleep patterns and daily activity levels by tracking movement and periods of rest. For decades, actigraphy has been a benchmark for at-home sleep and circadian rhythm measurements.View our actigraphy collection on Labfront Academy to learn more.

Which Garmin devices can capture actigraphy data?
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Generally, only newer Garmin device models support the actigraphy feature. Please view this table for a full list of actigraphy-supported devices.

Do I need to have experience with sleep data to use Labfront’s actigraphy data?
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Not at all! We’ve created validated actigraphy packages to help you analyze your data. You can learn more about Labfront Analytics.

What is the difference between actigraphy and accelerometer data?
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With Labfront you can capture actigraphy and accelerometer (ACC) data. While both measure movement, they serve different purposes. Actigraphy primarily focuses on monitoring sleep-wake patterns and circadian rhythms. It is used to assess sleep quality, duration, and patterns over time. In contrast, ACC data is for detailed studies of physical activity, providing precise data on movement intensity, frequency, and duration, commonly used in sports science, physical activity research, and gait analysis.