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No “Request a Quote” roadblocks here. Each one of our transparent pricing plans gives you access to uncapped physiological, survey and event tracking data collection.  Upgrade at any time for more participants, added support, or detailed Labfront Analytics reports.

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5 Participants


For pilot studies and individual student projects

Up to 5 participants
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20 Participants


For medium-sized research studies

Up to 20 participants
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50 Participants*


For large research studies

Up to 50 participants*
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Labfront Analytics available**
Labfront Partner Perks
* Additional participants: $12/year
** For an additional fee. View details

Labfront Analytics

Gain unique insights and a deeper understanding of your participants’ physiological biomarkers.

Heart Rate Variability (HRV) Report

HRV is an accepted measure to approximate autonomic nervous system (ANS) function.  We derive HRV from beat-to-beat interval data, making it the most granular in the consumer wearable market. With an HRV report, get all the important metrics automatically generated and easily importable into your favorite tool.

Custom Report

If your needs aren’t covered by our pre-built reports, our team can work together to support your research from exploration to analytics. We’ll work with you to figure out the right package for your budget and needs.

Other services we offer to help your studies

Developer Access to Data

Access your raw data to build dashboards and other applications on top of the Labfront platform.

Retroactive Garmin Data Collection

We can extract and organize Garmin data that's up to two years old. All you need to do is provide us with your Garmin Connect login information.

*Up to 20 participants. $12/additional participant

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Frequently asked questions

We're here to help with any questions you have about plans, pricing, and supported features. Don't hesitate to contact us at

How do I get started?
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We recommend creating a free account first to test out the features of the platform. You can create a project and invite participants to join in minutes.  Check out the full guide on getting started in our Help Center.

What is included with the Free plan?
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The Free plan enables you to experience the power of Labfront. Get access to our full range of metrics with no caps on data quantity.  Remotely collect wearable, survey and event tracking data from up to 5 participants. All participant data is neatly organized and exported into CSV files.

Where can I buy devices?
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Once you’ve selected your wearable of choice from our list of compatible devices, you can purchase directly from Polar or Garmin, or you can contact us via and we’ll be happy to guide you through the buying process.

Are there any discounts available?
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There sure are! Our partnership with Garmin gives Labfront users access to select discounts. If you want to buy devices in bulk for a discount, please contact us at

Do any plans limit data quantity?
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No. All of our plans give you access to the same powerful metrics with no cap on the quantity of data you can collect from each participant, be it survey or physiological data captured. Access sample data files here.

Can I collect HRV without purchasing the HRV Report?
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Labfront allows the capture of individual heartbeats, known as beat-to-beat interval. It is from this granular measure that researchers can effectively derive HRV. Since this produces a large volume of data per participant, our HRV Report is recommended to accelerate the process and help you get the most insights from your data.

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A commitment to compliance
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Labfront is adheres to ICH-GCP, HIPAA, SOC 1/2/3 and GDPR. We keep up to date with the regulations so you don’t have to.

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A commitment to privacy
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Unlike big-tech, we believe in data privacy. You control your data. We will never sell your data, ever. Period.

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A commitment to security
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Labfront is built with the best practices in security in mind. Features like secure encryption that protects your data both at rest and in transit are tablestakes.

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“Now, more than ever, we need tools like Labfront that can help researchers take their research and data collection virtual.”
Dr. Gloria Yeh
Dr. Gloria Yeh, MD
Associate Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School
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“The Labfront team was extremely responsive to our requests and made every effort to accommodate our unique needs.”
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Yogev Kivity, Ph.D.
Senior Lecturer of Psychology, Bar Ilan University
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"Labfront's analysts understood our needs as researchers and saved us weeks of work when they prepared our datasets for analysis."
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Bryan Edwards, Professor, Joe Synar Chair
Management Department, Oklahoma State University
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“The physiological data really helped provide deeper insights.  We recommend Labfront and will definitely be using it again!”
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Dr. Kristin Scott, PhD
Professor of Business, Clemson University
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