About Labfront

We are a digital biomarker company on a mission to fix healthcare. It all starts with democratizing research.

It all starts with democratizing research.

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We believe that everyone has a fundamental right to a healthy life-- and academic research is the foundation of that possibility. However, as consumer technology has progressed at breakneck pace, our research ecosystem has lagged behind.

As we see it, the first step in bringing "better health to all" is fixing the broken parts within research. That is why at Labfront, we are working to democratize research through better tools for scientists.

our mission

We are building the tools that allow researchers to unlock once-hidden insights

As a digital-first tool to help your research, we recognize the growing importance of data security. That’s why at Labfront, we continually update our systems to ensure the most up-to-date best practices around security.


With great power comes great responsibility.

— Spiderman’s Uncle Ben

We live in an age of contrasts. While our collective resources have never been higher, health disparity has also grown. In parts of the world you can have a world-class surgeon working on you remotely from another continent, in others you can’t even receive basic antibiotics. This seems absurd.

This is the most exciting time in human history. With today’s ease of access to knowledge and technology, the power to make a difference on a mass-scale is at our fingertips — and with that gift, comes responsibility. This was the driving motivation behind Labfront’s founding.

We intend to leave the world a better place than when we inherited it.


We were inspired by the great work we witnessed around us

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Our story starts on the continent that birthed humankind

Before there was Labfront, there was a small hospital in Africa. The story started in Ethiopia when Jordan Masys joined college roommate Richard Kiplesund and his father, Dr. Kjell Kiplesund, to help found a new non-profit hospital in the Ethiopian capital. When they needed tech support, Jordan recruited engineer Chris Peng to help.

Every Drop Matters tells the story behind the team that founded the Nordic Medical Centre in Addis Ababa. Their inspiration led to Chris and Jordan eventually starting Labfront.

our vision

We envision a world where everyone can live a healthy life

To make this future a reality, there are some fundamental steps that need to be taken:

First, we need to improve and invest in research, the foundation of medicine.

Then we need to build a better bridge between the newest theoretical findings and the general public so that practical applications can reach people as quickly as possible.

That’s the Labfront way.

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