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Effortless real-world data collection

Labfront empowers psychology researchers with an array of objective physiological and behavioral measures, supporting studies from health psychology to clinical psychology and beyond. Track participant adherence and scale with ease to boost your research to new heights.

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The solution top institutions trust to run their research

Collect data about sleep, stress, and more, all managed in one place.

No coding required.
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Real-World Context

Get a more detailed look into participants’ lives and experiences

Combine participant-reported questionnaire data with daily activity and sleep captured from wearables to paint a complete picture. Dissect how sleep and sedentary habits affect mental health and more.

person in bed while heart rate and questionnaire data is being collectedperson in bed while heart rate data and questionnaire data is being collected
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Objective Data Collection

Add physiological data like heart rate to quantify results

Data derived from heart rate, like heart rate variability, have been shown to correlate with human experiences like stress. Utilize objective physiological data to give more depth to your data.


Manage your project and track adherence, all in one place

Never lose track of your participants with the participant adherence tracker. See participants’ progress in real time and send notification reminders to improve data completeness.

Labfront adherence dashboard with researcher sending a notificationparticipants' task adherence

Types of data you can collect

Whether your study needs detailed raw physiological data like ECG RR-interval, or aggregated steps, we have you covered. Include custom surveys and event markers, conveniently timestamped.

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Physiological Data

Different wearables for different use cases. Collect metrics linked to mental health and well-being, such as heart rate, physical activity, sleep, and heart rate variability.

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Custom Questionnaires

Integrate fully custom questionnaires or other participant responses for your specific research needs. Examples include daily food logging, daily stress journal, and sleep diaries.

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Event Tracking

Capture event timestamps to add contextual details to your data.
Know when participants take medication or “feel anxious”.

Research Highlights

Case Study

Combining Mental Health Treatment with Physiological Biomarker Monitoring to Reduce Risk of Depression

Scientists from Labfront and ThoughtFull came together to launch Project Cheria: a 3-month research study that combined mental health therapy with digital biomarker monitoring to examine the intervention's effectiveness in reducing symptoms of depression.

Significant clinical improvements were seen in the emotional state of the intervention group, offering preliminary support for incorporating physiological data such as physical activity, sleep quality, and heart rate in mental health interventions.

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Understanding that mental health insights are still heavily reliant on subjective data, we wanted to enhance our clinician's ability to understand clients' wellbeing by integrating objective data from Garmin wearables coupled with Labfront's platform for in-depth analysis.

Headshot of Joan Low, CEO of ThoughtFull
Joan Low
CEO, ThoughtFull
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Using wearables to study mental health, stress, and well-being

Stanford WELL for Life Wearable Pilot Study
Resilience Among Frontline Healthcare Workers During the Covid-19 Pandemic
Physiological Effects of Meditation
Integrating Wearable Physiological Data with Digital Mental Health App
Remote Assessment of Lung Disease and Impact on Physical and Mental Health
Intervention to affect physical activity, sleep, and stress in office workers
Global study of runners' psychological well-being during COVID-19 pandemic
Building an early warning system for depression
Effect of restaurant's nature ambience on emotions, stress, and sustainability
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Turn data into insights with Labfront Analytics

Our team of data scientists will work with you to understand your needs and help get the most from your data with custom analytics.

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Better understand participants’ biomarkers
Easy-to-use reports and data formats
Backed by cited scientific research

Built to overcome the challenges of the digital age

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A commitment to compliance
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Labfront adheres to ICH-GCP, HIPAA, SOC 1/2/3 and GDPR. We keep up to date with the regulations so you don’t have to.

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Unlike big-tech, we believe in data privacy. You control your data. We will never sell your data, ever. Period.

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Labfront is built with the best practices in security in mind. Features like secure encryption that protects your data both at rest and in transit are tablestakes.