Capture High-Resolution Physiological Data from Wearables

Capture High-Resolution Physiological Data from Wearables

With Labfront, you can elevate your research with a broad range of granular physiological data from wearables including sleep staging, movement tracking, respiration rate, oxygen saturation, and interbeat interval.

Sep 13, 2022
By The Labfront Team
physiological data capture with garmin smartwatch collecting heart rate, stress and activity dataphysiological data capture with garmin smartwatch collecting heart rate, stress and activity data

Remote-Friendly Data Capture with Labfront

person running while collecting heart rate interval, respiration and stress data on a smartwatch

Traditional medical research is often restricted to labs and far removed from real-world data. This is one reason why wearables are becoming  increasingly important  in the realm of health research.  They can provide researchers with access to valuable information they can't get any other way, like real-world biomarker data generated by participants in their natural environment. Adding this objective data to a study can provide a more comprehensive view of research participants. 

Labfront’s innovative research platform was built to support researchers seeking to leverage the power of wearable technology to collect digital biomarkers. We take the pain (and the coding) out of high-resolution data capture.

Benefits of Using Wearables in Your Research

Wide array of data to suit your research needs

There is a broad range of granular physiological data  from wearables available including sleep staging, movement tracking, respiration rate, oxygen saturation, and interbeat interval. This data can be used in combination with self-reported data–such as from our built-in survey tool – for a more complete picture of participants. 

garmin vivosmart with sleep, respiration, heart rate interval and stress next to it

Clemson Case Study

In a study on healthcare worker resiliency by researchers at Clemson University, researchers collected both self-reported data as well as objective biomarker data through the use of wearables to better understand their participants’ experiences.

Continuously capture real-world data

By using an unobtrusive consumer wearable device, physiological data can be captured in a participant’s natural environment and over a longer period of time. Researchers no longer need to rely on short snapshots in a sanitized lab setting.

Why Use Labfront for Biomarker Data Capture?

Although there are substantial benefits to biomarker data collection, some barriers still exist when it comes to incorporating wearables into research studies. How do you pull data from the devices? How do you know if the participants are collecting the data? Is there a way to customize the data? These are a few of the problems Labfront set out to solve with our innovative research tool. 

No coding required

Previously, researchers would need to hire a web developer to pull the data from the smartwatches. But Labfront provides researchers with a data collection solution that doesn’t require any coding expertise, saving valuable time and resources. In taking the hassle out of data collection, you can focus on other aspects of your research.

High-resolution data

selecting sampling rate for accelerometer, stress and heart rate data

Labfront has fostered long-term partnerships with leading device companies like Garmin-- allowing us to offer customized options for researchers. From choosing your metrics to selecting the exact sampling rate at which you'd like your data captured, you control the device to get exactly what you need. Whether you want average heart rate and steps every hour, or you want beat-to-beat interval to calculate heart rate variability, we help you turn your consumer wearable into a powerful research tool, giving you better results.

Stanford Case Study

Dr. Ann Hsing and her team from Stanford University chose Labfront because they knew it was important to have very granular sensor data in their research and with most consumer wearables, you cannot collect interbeat interval (IBI) data.

Remotely view all collected data

With Labfront’s centralized dashboard, you can access and manage participants’ data easily, reducing the need for in-person visits. Not only can you see which types of data your participants are collecting but how much data has been captured. What’s more–with our latest update you can quickly intervene with a push notification if there is a data collection issue.

Export data in a single click for additional insights

CSV file with download data button

Rather than trying to manually access each device’s available data (which is often in unreadable or incompatible formats) or hiring a developer to use the API or SDK, Labfront provides a one-click download of your data in an organized CSV format that is easily importable into your favorite analysis tools, like MATLAB.

smartwatch with metrics

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Mar 20, 2023
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