Dive Deep Into HRV with a Free Master Class

Dive Deep Into HRV with a Free Master Class

Dr. Ahn’s course chronicles the evolution of HRV in medical research over the past 50 years and explores various HRV measures and their clinical use as well as their limitations. 

Aug 8, 2022
By The Labfront Team
HRV course Overview with Dr. Andrew AhnHRV course Overview with Dr. Andrew Ahn

The Best HRV Course You'll Find Online

We created Labfront Academy to make quality educational materials more accessible to the research community, and Dr. Andrew Ahn’s master class on Heart Rate Variability is as high quality as it gets. Dr. Ahn chronicles the evolution of HRV in medical research over the past 50 years - from a marker of the autonomic nervous system to a marker of general well-being and mental health. 

This in-depth course touches upon the various HRV measures (time domain, frequency-domain, and non-linear), their utilization in clinical and basic science studies, and their technical and methodological limitations.  Importantly, the course provides the foundational context from which citizen scientists can begin exploring HRV with a broader appreciation for its applications. 

Quite possibly the best video [series] on HRV that I've been able to find. A clear and well-structured overview that nicely integrates the history, physiology, and metrics. I plan to share it with my research assistants as a great introduction to a rather complex topic.                    - YouTube Viewer

Course Overview

Part 1: Physiology and Methods

In the first installment, Dr. Ahn chronicles the evolution of HRV in medical research over the past 50 years. Recognize the various ways HRV is measured, obtain a basic understanding of HRV physiology, and understand how different perspectives of HRV have emerged.

Part 2: Clinical Use and Factors That Influence HRV

Part 2 focuses on HRV in cardiology, the reasons why HRV is hardly utilized in clinical medicine, and multiple confounding factors for HRV.

Part 3: Epidemiological Studies and Non-Linear Dynamics

Dr. Ahn reviews HRV epidemiological studies, explains basic concepts underlying nonlinear dynamics, appraises evidence for fractal base HRV measures, and summarizes other non-linear HRV measures.

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Oct 24, 2022
Dr. Andrew Ahn, MD
Dr. Andrew Ahn, MD
Chief Medical/Science Officer

Dr. Ahn is an internal medicine physician with a background in physics/engineering and physiological signal analyses. He is the Chief Medical Officer at Labfront and an Assistant Professor in Medicine & Radiology at Harvard Medical School. Dr. Ahn is passionate about democratizing health sciences and exploring health from an anti-disciplinary perspective.

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