Labfront Commits $100,000 in Women's Health Research Initiative

Labfront Commits $100,000 in Women's Health Research Initiative

Women’s health research is severely underfunded when it’s needed more than ever, so Labfront is committing to supporting 100 students to pursue projects focusing on women’s health. 

Jul 1, 2022
By The Labfront Team
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Limitations on Women’s Healthcare 

The recent Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade has severely limited reproductive health care access - a human right -  and its impact will be felt for years to come. As a company that advocates for better health for all, we find this deeply unsettling and feel it is our social responsibility to do what we can to support women’s health, even as a small organization. 

Commitment to Women’s Health Research

Academic research is a foundation of health care, which is why we strongly believe in its democratization. Yet regrettably, women’s health research is severely underfunded and receives considerably less attention across the health research spectrum. As we’ve witnessed, this results in research topics affecting women being less likely to be studied, allowing stigma, misinformation, and misunderstanding of women’s health and their bodies to more easily propagate. Clearly, this is a huge issue when accurate health information concerning women is perhaps more important now than ever. 

At Labfront, we contend that this is a problem for all of us to try to solve, so we’re taking action with our commitment to support 100 total projects  over the next 10 years– the equivalent of $100K USD. This opportunity is open to all student researchers with projects focusing on women’s health. 

We hope that sponsoring academic research that supports women can help move us toward a more equitable future, for people of any sex or gender identity. Everyone has the right to a healthy life.

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Apply for Labfront's Women's Health Research Grant

For details on how to apply for a free Labfront Advanced Package through the Women’s Health Student Research Initiative, view the application form here

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Interested in more grant opportunities?

We have ongoing research grants for students interested in collecting physiological data. Check out our Grants page for application details and dates!

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