Dynamic Data Collection: The Power of Live Edit

Dynamic Data Collection: The Power of Live Edit

Labfront's Live Edit feature enables researchers to make real-time changes to their study based on new information, increasing efficiency and reducing the need for re-sampling.

Jan 20, 2023
By The Labfront Team
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Dynamic Data Collection: The Power of Live Edit

Dynamic Data Collection: The Power of Live Edit

Labfront's Live Edit feature enables researchers to make real-time changes to their study based on new information, increasing efficiency and reducing the need for re-sampling.

As described by co-founder Chris Peng, we at Labfront are building tools for the future of research– the dynamic future.

With Labfront’s new Live Edit feature, we are taking one step toward that vision. You’ll now be able to make updates to ongoing projects, allowing for protocols with changing schedules. Perhaps you want participants to have modified questionnaires or tasks each week, slowly building up toward the intervention. Or maybe after crunching some data, you realize you wish you had asked some questions about their mood that you forgot. 

In the past, this would have been a lost cause. Or an irrevocable mistake. 

Now, you can just update.

Real-Time Updates to Study Protocols

Live Edit allows researchers to update their study protocols in real time so they can stay on track with their data collection goals. Easily monitor participants' progress on Labfront's adherence dashboard and make changes to your project as needed. 

If a task on the participant app needs to be added, modified, or removed, it can be done in a matter of minutes. This level of flexibility is crucial for addressing issues that arise during the data collection process and for adapting to new information as it becomes available, thereby making your study more effective.

Real-time updates are helpful if:

  • One of your tasks is no longer needed for your protocol. Hiding a task won't affect any data that has already been collected.
  • You decide to add a questionnaire for participants to complete at the end of your study.
  • You notice some of your participants are forgetting to open Garmin Connect and you want to add it as a task to help remind them.
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Pro Tip

Live Edit works seamlessly with our notifications, allowing you to inform participants immediately of any changes to the study's protocol. Make your study management a breeze

Improve Wearable Data Quality

Our Live Edit feature can also improve the overall quality of the data collected by reducing and rectifying errors. Researchers can access up-to-date information quickly and easily and make informed decisions more efficiently than ever before. Add or remove data types, change sampling rates, and add or remove devices as required. 

Consider the following situations: 

  • You realize you want to start collecting BBI data to derive HRV, but don't want to lose any of the data you've already collected. Simply add it to your project and you're good to go. 
  • The sampling rate you set for stress isn’t granular enough for your purposes. Adjust it!
  • You didn't know you needed to turn on Garmin Connect to collect sleep data. It's not too late. Just toggle it on and you can start collecting this data. (And be sure to check out our article on Garmin Data Sources for more information).

With Labfront’s ability to update your changes immediately, you can easily correct all of these issues and more without missing a beat (literally if you’re collecting BBI data). 

Keep Information Accurate and Up-to-Date 

Typos, outdated information, and unclear instructions can cause confusion and frustration for both you and your participants. But with Live Edit, you can quickly make edits to your project's content to correct any mistakes. This can include clarifying instructions, updating information, or fixing typos. Ensure that your participants have the clear, accurate up-to-date information they need to successfully participate in your study.

Live Edit has you covered if any of these scenarios occur:

  • You keep receiving questions about one of your task’s instructions. Rewrite it for clarity and publish your changes right away. 
  • Several participants seem confused about who to contact during the study if they have a problem. Update your project with the appropriate contact information. 
  • You accidentally typed ‘affect’ instead of ‘effect’ and it’s haunting you

Labfront’s Live Edit is a valuable tool for researchers looking to improve the quality and effectiveness of their studies. With the ability to make real-time updates and address issues as they arise, it's a game-changer for dynamic data collection. We're excited to offer this feature to our users and believe it will greatly enhance their research experience.

In today's fast-paced environment, we look forward to continuing to work with researchers to develop new and innovative solutions that will help high-quality studies be conducted efficiently. 

What would you like to see next? Let us know at hello@labfront.com.

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Try out Live Edit in your project!

Don't let the challenges of conducting a remote study hold you back. Try out Labfront's Live Edit feature and streamline your data collection process. With the ability to make real-time changes to your project, you can ensure the success of your research. Sign up now and start using Live Edit in your project today!

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May 22, 2023
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