Labfront Analytics: The Right Data Scientists For Your Team

Labfront Analytics: The Right Data Scientists For Your Team

Labfront’s platform was created to make it more accessible to run research projects using physiological data. That starts with data capture, but not everyone is a specialist in data science or bioinformatics. For researchers that would rather use physiological biomarkers instead of calculating them, we have Labfront Analytics. Labfront Analytics allows you to gain a deeper understanding of your participants’ physiological biomarkers to better inform your research goals.

Oct 31, 2022
By The Labfront Team
researchers looking at charts and graphsresearchers looking at charts and graphs

Hiring a data scientist or bioinformatics engineer? Consider using Labfront Analytics

Wearable technology has made collecting physiological data easier than ever. But if you’re not familiar with it, interpreting the data can be a challenge.  We’ll show you why you can trust our fast, transparent and reliable data science team to help you make the most of the data you’ve collected. 

Labfront's analysts understood our needs as researchers and saved us weeks of work when they prepared our datasets for analysis. - Bryan Edwards, Oklahoma State University

20+ years of experience

Our team of experts has over 20+ years of experience in digital biomarkers and research analytics. Labfront’s Chief Medical Science Officer is Dr. Andrew Ahn, a physician-scientist at Harvard who was the Co-Director of the Center for Dynamical Biomarkers at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. In addition to Dr. Ahn, our in-house data science team includes research leads Dr. Han-Ping Huang and Dr. Francis Hsu.

Our deep understanding of digital biomarkers makes us a uniquely qualified resource for analyzing physiological variables, even for researchers with experience in data science. For instance, some researchers from business and psychology backgrounds have told us that medical journal articles are sometimes unclear about how physiological variables are measured. Our analysts can help bridge the gap between research and practice by elucidating the meaning of these variables.

Avoid the painful hiring process

The amount of data wearable devices provide can often be hard to handle if you don’t have a full-time analyst. But with Labfront Analytics, you can take advantage of all the benefits of wearable tech without the hassle of hiring a full-time statistician or data team. Our experts become an extension of your team, working with you to understand your needs and ensure that you get the most from your data. 

Get the results you need, faster

We help researchers save time by organizing and distilling their data. In fact, the standout feature for several researchers we worked with was how much time they saved with Labfront Analytics. With us, you'll spend less time figuring out what to do with your data and more time focusing on other aspects of your research.

Simplify data processing and organization

One of the biggest challenges Clemson researchers faced in a study on frontline healthcare worker resiliency was that participants' schedules varied so wildly that to know how to manually code the survey data accurately was taking months. The Labfront Analytics team recognized the challenge immediately and effectively communicated how to do it right. 

We’ve been really impressed at how they've been able to really quickly and accurately get information synthesized for us, and very open to understanding what we need. - Kristin Scott, Clemson University

Save up to a year of time

Dr. Ann Hsing collected 120 participants’ data 24/7 for 60 days during the Stanford WELL For Life Wearable Pilot Study. As you can imagine, there was a lot of data! Dr. Hsing credits our analysts for saving her team a tremendous amount of time–at least a year–with their skills. They were able to derive HRV from the IBI data which would have been nearly impossible for analysts without HRV expertise. 

The analysts are very conscientious, very hardworking, and I am appreciative of their contribution. - Dr. Ann Hsing, Stanford University

Reports to Take Your Data Analytics to the Next Level

Labfront Analytics offers easy-to-use reports backed by cited scientific research, so you can utilize the results with confidence. We also have some exciting new report options in the pipeline.  

HRV Report

One of Labfront’s most unique features is that we can collect data from smartwatches at a more granular level than any other consumer wearable on the market. This includes interbeat interval data, which we use to derive heart rate variability (HRV), a non-invasive approach for accessing autonomic modulation.

However, collecting each study participant’s individual heartbeat produces a sizable amount of data.  That’s why Labfront offers our HRV Report to help organize, analyze and report your data back to you–saving you countless time and energy on analysis. The report includes HRV values of long-term (24 hrs) data or short-term data that can be from any time period specified by the researcher. 

Actigraphy (Sleep/Wake) Report

Actigraphy is a technique that uses activity data collected by an accelerometer to assess the quality of sleep. Actigraphy devices cost anywhere from $600 to $3000. To create a more affordable solution, we reverse-engineered the algorithm for two popular devices. We found out that the results can be replicable with consumer wearables like  Garmin at a fraction of the cost. 

Our Actigraphy Report is currently in development and will be released soon. In the meantime, we recommend reading through our  Actigraphy Collection to view the documentation on actigraphy and the validation experiments conducted by our team. 

Sleep Staging Report

Traditionally sleep staging has required a resource-intensive PSG process. As an alternative, we’re working with a wearable EEG monitor to make research-quality sleep staging available at home. We’ll keep you updated on its launch. 

Whatever-You-Need Custom Report

Finally, for those unsure of what you need, our team of experts can create a custom solution for your project. We’ll work with you to figure out the right package for your budget and needs.

Jenn Edelschick from Duke utilized our custom reports during her cystic fibrosis and exercise  study. Her team wanted to know much time participants spent exercising at specific heart rates including averages for the week and totals for the day. Our data scientists delivered. 

Now that you know how Labfront Analytics can be used to accelerate your research and gain new insights, contact to consult with our analysts about your next study.

Last medically reviewed on
Dec 5, 2022
Dr. Andrew Ahn, MD
Dr. Andrew Ahn, MD
Chief Medical/Science Officer

Dr. Ahn is an internal medicine physician with a background in physics/engineering and physiological signal analyses. He is the Chief Medical Officer at Labfront and an Assistant Professor in Medicine & Radiology at Harvard Medical School. Dr. Ahn is passionate about democratizing health sciences and exploring health from an anti-disciplinary perspective.

Dr. Francis Hsu, PhD
Dr. Francis Hsu, PhD
Research Lead

Francis is a research Lead at Labfront, responsible for data validation and analysis. He is interested in applying physics or math to medical research.

Dr. Han-Ping Huang, PhD
Dr. Han-Ping Huang, PhD
Research Lead

Research Lead (and Designated Plant Caretaker) at Labfront. Han-Ping is a researcher who seeks interesting phenomena, especially the interdisciplinary ones. His dream is to make all the riveting research be easily explored.

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“Now, more than ever, we need tools like Labfront that can help researchers take their research and data collection virtual.”
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"Labfront's analysts understood our needs as researchers and saved us weeks of work when they prepared our datasets for analysis."
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“The physiological data really helped provide deeper insights.  We recommend Labfront and will definitely be using it again!”
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