Labfront and Colabra's Productivity-Boosting Collaboration

Labfront and Colabra's Productivity-Boosting Collaboration

We’ve partnered with Colabra, the leading research management tool for biotech teams, to bring greater efficiency and productivity to research labs. As part of this partnership, Labfront Basic or Advanced customers will receive a free one-year membership to Colabra. Learn more about this collaboration and how to take advantage of this offer!

Mar 15, 2023
By The Labfront Team
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As part of our ongoing efforts to improve research collaboration, we’ve recently announced our partnership with Colabra, a leading research management tool for biotech teams. This collaboration is aimed at improving efficiency and productivity in research labs by streamlining workflows, optimizing data management, and fostering collaboration across teams.

Streamlined Research Collaboration

As mentioned in Labfront CEO and co-founder Chris Peng's recent article, Labfront recognizes the challenges of research and is teaming up with startups such as Colabra to build specialized workflow productivity and project management software to help make the research world more collaborative.

Partnership with Colabra marks our commitment to building the future of research. Academic and clinical research are both going through massive shifts including the increased need for productivity and collaboration. Colabra brings internal team management productivity to research labs. In short, plan your projects with Colabra, and collect the data with Labfront. - Chris Peng, Labfront's co-founder and CEO

One of the primary advantages of Labfront is our digital biomarker collection platform, which enables researchers to easily capture physiological data from wearables and integrate questionnaire data and event markers without the need for coding skills. This feature has established Labfront as a dominant force in the academic research community.

Colabra, on the other hand, is a Microsoft Cloud Partner with a proven track record in research management. The platform is already being used by leading institutions such as Northwestern, Penn State, San Diego State, and Stanford. By integrating Labfront's innovative platform with Colabra's robust research management software, academic researchers worldwide can expedite their research.

Free One-Year Colabra Membership for Labfront Customers

Under the partnership, all Labfront Basic and Advanced customers will receive a complimentary one-year membership to Colabra. Digitizing their lab notebooks will allow scientific teams to connect siloed systems into research insights, monitor experiment lifecycles, and increase efficiency.

Colabra was designed for the needs of next-generation research teams. Although most of our customers are corporate R&D teams, we believe all innovation ultimately stems from academic research, and want to show our support. - Philip Seifi, Colabra’s co-founder

Future Integration of Labfront into Colabra

By the end of the year, Labfront will be natively integrated into Colabra, allowing researchers to enjoy the benefits of both tools. This partnership will aid research teams in the increased need for productivity and collaboration, making it easier for them to transition to a future where data plays a crucial role.

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Sign up for Labfront today to streamline your research workflows and optimize data management!

As a Labfront Basic or Advanced customer, you'll receive a free one-year membership to Colabra, the leading research management tool for biotech teams.

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Mar 20, 2023
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